New Year's Sankalpa

As we say goodbye to 2017 and ring in the New Year, the common practice of resolutions that I never quite kept has slowly dissolved into a practice of bringing in a state of being to honour the coming year. This gentler, more progressive promise allows for the manifestation of how do I want to Feel and what is it that I want to attract?

With my daughter we did a little ceremony on the Wolf Full Moon by writing things down that we wanted to let go of, old feelings, bad habits, and hurts or disappointments. We smudged to cleanse, said a prayer to Mama Earth, set our LET THAT

S#@t GO cards on fire and sent the smoke and ashes out on the bitterly cold winds. Then We Howled at the Moon. Hahaha I think she just wanted to play with fire and howl but as long as our hearts were lighter it made space to bring in our New Year Intentions. Contemplating what could be a word that we carry with us into the New Year I came up with "Connection". I may need to dive a little deeper but I think it suits what 2018 has in store for me on many levels. So I encourage you to look for that sankalpa (promise or vow) that speaks to your heart, that jumps into your soul or that whispers in your dreams. And so it is - Shanti OM

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